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Sensuality workshops support you to open up to a deeper connection with yourself and to enjoy real intimacy.

You learn to respect your own and others’ boundaries and begin to understand how you can use the polarity of female and male energies as an inspiration to get in touch with your own inner truth.

I hear the call of the heart, I am afraid and I am curious, I feel something very beautiful and tender! When I hear the voice of the heart, everything happens in the right way. That’s the surprisingly wonderful magic of life!
Feedback from Tara

In a playful way, you can approach being mindful with heart and sensuality in the presence of a partner.

Intimacy Workshops

In you the male and the female principle are uniting. This leads to a harmonious love relationship.

The union of  the female principle in you are leading to a harmonious love relationship.

Conscious Relationships

A weekend workshop for singles and couples in Germany

How far you allow others to approach you, depends a lot on how your own female and male sides are cooperating with each other.

You will explore these parts and their inner connection to each other and recognise how they are reflected in your external relationships.

It’s a whole new path in your love relationships. You learn to understand your inner conflicts and mutual boundaries, and the need to project them onto your partner dissolves.

The insights into the feminine and the masculine deepen in you, and these learn to have a loving relationship with each other. This will make your relationship with your partner more harmonious.

Upcoming Workshops on Intimacy
Disclose the wounds of the inner child and experience new love ability.

Transform the wounds of the inner child and experience new love ability.

Caravan of Love: The Inner Child

A 4-day workshop in Germany

We were all born with an immense ability to love and a natural connection to our sexuality.

But from early childhood, you have learned to protect your heart and suppress your sensual vitality to conform to what you think is expected of you.

When you shift your presence from the borrowed concepts you carry about yourself from your past social conditioning to the possibilities of this present moment, you will transform wounds that prevent you from fully allowing the aliveness of this loving-sensual being that you are. 

Rediscover your essential nature and your unique creative potential.

Upcoming Workshops on Intimacy

Sensuality Workshops

Presence - the key to a sensual, loving relation.

Presence and let go – the key to a sensual, loving relationship.

The Joy of Sensuality

A 4-day workshop for singles and couples in Germany

Everyone has a longing for intimate closeness and at the same time it makes us afraid.

In this workshop you will have the opportunity to detach yourself from distancing fears in order to open yourself to love and your playful sensuality in deep encounters.

Allow yourself to be touched by a tender openness in sensual encounters.

Noticing our real feelings and respecting the other, are prerequisites to being open to sensual adventures in relationships.

Upcoming Workshops on Sensuality
vLove and freedom can be lived in a relationship at the same time, indeed strengthen each other.

Love and freedom can be lived in a relationship at the same time and indeed enhance each other.

Love and Freedom

A 3-day workshop for singles and couples in Germany

Open yourself to relationships where love and freedom enhance each other.

After the initial stage of falling in love, you often find yourself in dependency patterns, projections, and expectations towards your partner.

Instead of going into such relationship patterns, you detach yourself from the identification with the pain of past relationships. In doing so, you leave behind the inner relationship prison, created by a false understanding of love that you have inherited from society.

If you consciously perceive your fears in moments of difficulty, you do not need to go into avoidance, which prevents you from allowing physical and emotional closeness. 

You discover how to be close to someone while allowing yourself freedom.

Upcoming Workshops on Sensuality
In free flow of your sensuality experience the salutary dimension of sexuality.

In a free flow of your sensuality, experience the beneficial dimension of sexuality.

The Secret of Ecstasy

An advanced 4-day workshop for Tantra-experienced singles and couples in Germany

This workshop for tantra-experienced participants is an opportunity for you to transform your sexual energy into an ecstatic experience by giving and receiving sensual pleasure.

You yearn for deep fulfilment in your sexuality, but you have not learned to create a space of trust that encourages you to expand beyond your usual limitations and fully enjoy the free flow of our sensuality.

Based on the understanding of experiencing your sexuality as a beneficial dimension, you can indulge in sexual excitement: sometimes lively and wild, other times joyful or slow and peaceful.

Like this, sexuality can give you a taste of spiritual liberation.

Upcoming Workshops on Sensuality
Recognize the divine lover and move together higher and higher in a quiet space of bliss.

The divine lover and you move together higher and higher in a quiet space of bliss.

The Alchemy of Tantra

A 5-day workshop for tantra-experienced singles and couples in Germany

Tantra is a way to let your sensuality and love grow into even higher states of consciousness, to enter a state of silent bliss.

When you connect with the essence of the other person and you perceive and acknowledge the ultimate being of your partner, you realise your own true nature.

The inner union of the male and female principles deepen, because you are ready to let go of your profane ego and dissolve into an infinite space beyond our personality.

Sensuality and unconditional love become a gateway to connect with the divine.

Upcoming Workshops on Sensuality