These sensual-creative and heart-opening holiday workshops take place in the true to its name located seminar house The Other Paradise on Zaga Beach near Koroni, directly by the sea, on the green peninsula of Peloponnese in the south of Greece.

It is a wonderfully wild and natural paradise and with the magical beauty of the coast and the relaxed atmosphere of the workshops, it is easy to get back in touch with your original joy of life.

Tantra holidays with kayaking and body painting

You can easily relax at the beach doing nothing. If you prefer activity, you can experience the ecstatic joy of surfing and catamaran sailing on the open sea under the experienced guidance of the surf and sailing school, or enjoy the feeling of being one with nature while kayaking.

Life has awakened in me and also the love for life.
Every night I was sitting by the water and talked to the sea, the sky, the stars – and it works again to smell the rain and hear water.
Feedback from Daya

It’s a sensual-tantric adventure where you reconnect with your liveliness and joy, which naturally arises when female and male energies meet consciously.

The workshops are for singles and couples who want to engage in love and awareness in their partnership.

Each of the three workshops touches something different in you!

There is the possibility of participating in one or more workshops, depending on how long and intense you want to immerse yourself. Every single day will bring you closer to yourself and a new dimension of alive lightness will arise.

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Holiday workshop: Opening to the Heart

In this heart workshop, we connect to a deeper and more conscious form of love and transform our dependencies in true love-relationships.

In this heart workshop, we reconnect to a deeper and more conscious way of love and transform our dependencies in true love-relationships.

3-day basic workshop for singles and couples in Greece

This holiday workshop is the foundation for opening our hearts.

You will understand your conditioned patterns of how you love and want to be loved, and in which way this can lead to dependency in relationships.

This holiday workshop is the key to turning neediness into a more conscious form of love and bringing a quality of gratitude to our love relationships.

Moving from the head to the heart

Painful patterns of your love can dissolve and you reconnect with your joy of life.
Trust grows and you learn how love and freedom can enhance each other.

You and I both have our excuses for not opening in love with each other. Still, both of our hearts yearn to open and commune in love.
David Deida

In this elementary workshop you can connect with the essential qualities of the heart such as acceptance, trust, innocence or joy of life and the deepest longing of the heart to open up.

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In an attentive tantric atmosphere, a new confidence arises to meet others spontaneously and respectfully with openness.

In an attentive tantric atmosphere, a new confidence arises to meet others spontaneously and respectfully with openness.

Holiday workshop Shiva and Shakti  (part 1)

6-day tantric workshop for singles and couples in Greece

As you connect more deeply with the sensitivity of the heart, you begin to encounter others and your partner out of your true nature.

In a protected space you can invite your senses and sensuality from the heart, while you meet yourself and others respectfully with spontaneity and openness.

Every person has a longing for deep connection

Yet we avoid intimacy and often are not quite relaxed with it.

In an attentive tantric atmosphere, trust arises and you can gently dissolve subtle blockages and reconnect with your natural, sensual fire energy.

I will do my best to open through my fears and truly see you, feel you, and bloom you open to God with my love. Will you meet me in this commitment?
David Deida

In a playful way, you learn to meet a partner from your authentic inner space and allow yourself to be touched inside. We support the feminine energy in her liveliness and the male energy in his depth. 

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In paradiesischer Natur vertiefst du Liebe und Sinnlichkeit mit tantrischen und schamanischen Ritualen

Deepen the connection of love and sensuality through Tantric-shamanic Rituals in nature paradises.

Holiday workshop Shiva and Shakti (part 2)

6-day tantric workshop for singles and couples in Greece

In this holiday workshop, you deepen the connection between love and sensuality with the feeling of oneness through Tantric-shamanic Rituals in nature.

The relationship with people you love becomes easier as your fears of love and intimacy gradually dissolve.

You connect with the life-giving energy of nature which supports you to accept your sensual desire and the liveliness of your passion as something natural.

Feel existence within you and perceive yourself as part of existence!

Connected to your sensuality, you open yourself to the love in your heart and you will find there acceptance for your own nature. This opens you to the mystery of life and ultimately connects you to the infinity of your being.

Will you promise to open and give your love´s offering as best as you can, even when you are afraid or hurt? If we can each commit to opening, there is no limit to how deeply our love can grow or how fully our gifts may flower.
David Deida

At a waterfall, you will ritually accept yourself as a complete, loving and sensual being in your original naturalness.

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Day Trips

Erfrischende Wasserfälle, klare Seen, blühender Oleander, eine Schmetterlings-Höhle -- ein Besuch im Naturparadies.

Refreshing waterfalls, clear lakes, blooming oleander, a butterfly cave – a visit to a nature paradise.

Vision Quest Day at the Waterfalls

The waterfalls near Kazarma are a little miracle of nature

This one-day trip to the Polylimnio Waterfalls near Kazarma is a very special experience for most of the participants.

The waterfalls are a small natural wonder with various refreshing lakes and waterfalls, small gorges and blooming oleander, a butterfly cave, crabs, fish and other small animals.

This natural paradise touches a natural long-forgotten liveliness in us.

Einer der schönsten Badestrände auf dem Peloponnes mit feinem Sandstrand und einer   fantastische Aussicht von Nestor's Höhle.

One of the most beautiful bathing beaches in the Peloponnese with fine sandy beach and fantastic views from Nestor’s Cave.

Vision Quest Day at the Half-moon Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches with fantastic views

This one-day trip to the crescent-shaped Ochsenbauch Bay is combined with a festive final restaurant visit in the evening.

It is a spectacular surrounding on the Peloponnese with a fine sandy beach. The sides of the bay are closed by two high rocks through which the sea water has paved a way.

On a small mountain we will visit Nestor’s Cave, from where you have a fantastic view.

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