1Journey to the Heart, India | way of trust

way of trust

I have experienced your support and guidance as very benevolently, respectful, calm and heartfelt. In every second I felt safe and lifted in my process. Your peaceful and loving presence has also connected me to this qualities again and again. Through that I have experienced a way of trust in myself and feel more and more connected and confident, to be open for life and what is waiting for me – or the readiness to gather experience. Ultimately, I have met myself in India in different ways and have learned more about my being – and this has given me endless pleasure, even in more challenging moments.

I am endlessly grateful for your being with me, but also for the way you have conducted the seminar, for your knowledge of the Indian culture and explaining the different ways of thinking.

Katherina – nurse, Germany

2refreshing feeling

refreshing feeling

Wanted to thank you with all my heart for an amazing workshop; I experienced magical moments!
The feeling of love and openness still exists in me and I have a new and refreshing feeling in my life.

Yoram – human resources, Israel

3sexual and heart energy

sexual and heart energy

This was a mind blowing experience, especially in terms of finding the connection between sexual energy and the opening the heart! We are still flying on this wave, that I can even feel while I’m sleeping, a kind of deep relaxation state. I also appreciated so much the music you chose with your heart, the gradual construction of the exercises and the great food.

Laura – laywer, Belgium

4presence and energy

presence and energy

The presence and energy with which you facilitate your workshops is really impressive.
I offer workshops too, so maybe I have a bit more of an idea of what it means to be there for so many people for so long… plus the translation… keeping the energy… giving support in intensive processes… to deal with the criticism and the dissatisfaction of one or the other… the structure, the schedule and to bring so many different needs under one roof… lightness, clarity and an open heart… – for that I have really high respect and I send you on this way a deep Namaste as an expression of my appreciation and in recognition and honor for you as a good and true queen in your seminar rooms.

Heike, trainer

5pure feelings between man and woman

pure feelings between man and woman

A lot of changes happened in my life after that workshop. Now I’m doing things which I have never done before, do what I like without minding what other people and even my close people, might think or feel.
Words fail to describe what I felt during the exercises! But I’m sure those were the best and the most wonderful and pure feelings which might be possible between men and women; I did not feel any sexual excitement only strong feelings and those are feelings I want to last forever, they appeared in my heart and soul.

Lilia, Russia

6new encounters

new encounter

My partner (since I participated alone in the workshop) faced some issues that we didn’t think would bother her before.

I was able to meet her with open arms and give her the space she needed. Then something exciting happened: through the way I was able to face her as a man, we met in a lightness never experienced before, playful and yet very deep. This brought healing to both of us once again. I was able to show myself vulnerable as never before and also could just give and thereby we moved into unknown deeper spaces.

Roche – France

7responsibility in relationships

responsibility in relationships

Received these precious moments with intensity and its a beautiful guidance still now. I feel moving deeper and deeper towards truth and understanding and can see how important it is to take responsibility in my relationships by taking care of myself.
Being respectful about myself, about the other, about the relationship, love can expand.

Alok Samadhana, France

8Tantric New Year: The Fire of Love | pleasure and bliss

pleasure and bliss

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your gentle way of leading the group and accompanying us on new paths. In fact, I was in crisis with tantra, because new exercises and processes were uninteresting and somehow always the same in variation.

Ultimately, what I was able to experience through your guidance, was a sweet ecstasy that I have never felt before. An infinitely large, wide space has opened up and has given me the greatest pleasure and bliss ever achieved…and peace, lightness and sweetness.

The tenderness of the New Year’s ritual touched me very much and it was like my heart was blooming in a touching tenderness like a rose and somehow it felt like from another world; there was a real shift in me…wow…that was indescribable!

I am very grateful that I could always stay connected with myself through your composition of exercises – it was often quiet and wide within me. There was also an exercise in which for the first time I came across a pain that I had always repressed, and now I could allow a stream to flow through it – at the same time I felt gratitude because it could finally happen.

I found your voice pleasant and your explanations were understandable.

9New Year: The Fire of Love | sensations of the heart

sensations of the heart

I thought the feedback from participants on your homepage is a kind of marketing. But this is wrong! It is for me the same like many others described it.
I’m still so touched, enriched, inspired….I write and write and while its still resonating inside had impressive insights today. And acctually this are only small words for an experience, which can not be described and there are no words, but only heart sensations.
I really find – even though its a balancing act – that you instruct in a dignified and respectful way the topic of sexuality and heart opening!
Felt at any time safe with you.

Silvia, Germany

10being closer to myself and others

being closer to myself and others

Feelings are changing: I can easily find energy everywhere around me in the world, in the eyes of others, the breath of nature – the love energy always circles, I just accept and receive it or give and share it. When people talk with me, can feel the love from their heart and therefore can talk to them about deeper things in a more relaxed way. I can let go more easily and be closer to everyone and allow to even care about them. Thanks for teaching me how to enjoy my life!

Debby, Russia

11truth and reality

truth and reality

When I drop what is unreal, the truth can come out!

Sukho, Taiwan

12Shiva and Shakti, Greece | experience new things

experience new things

I am very surprised by the high spiritual approach and more than positively affected by the loving, professional way of facilitating.
Had a lot of fun with other participants and the exercises supported us to feel and explore many wonderful aspects.

Feel glad to experience Tantra in a different way, than I have heard from others so far – and am inspired and motivated to continue.
Came also to the realization that the seminar will help us finding new and interesting levels of our relationship.

Franz – Quality Management, Switzerland

13openness in a short time

openness in a short time

The openness which was happening within this short time has touched me. Experienced healing and learned how beautiful it is when love flows.

Jutta – therapist, Germany

14true meetings in effective exercises

true meetings in effective exercises

Was very pleasantly surprised about the sensitive, very effective exercises, which connected people who were completely unknown to each other, without getting the feeling of forcing or doing something, which could be too challenging.
This is the art: to open and invite people’s hearts without disrespecting the boundaries, expanding the limitations and allowing the hearts to open, for a new level to meet other people without judgments but with a fragrance of light heartedness and devotion without expectations. I thank you very much for the experience, which is still present and reminds me about the effectiveness. Without my ego – in myself, presence in the present moment, in being female. Enjoyment of my sensuality, sending love without expecting anything back.

Eideen – shaman, Germany

15happiness and fear

happiness and fear

I feel inside of myself something beautiful since the group, it makes me really happy. I don’t know that is it, but it is a miracle. Its for the first time in my life, that I feel so happy. It was a wonderful sensation and fear at the same time where I went through.

Jyotsna – programer, St. Petersburg

16Passion and Devotion, Portugal | vision and change

vision and change

That course has changed my life completly and I have no words express my feelings and gratitude towards you, I just want to say thank you very much, you have done a miracle in my life! Tantra has given me new life and vision, day by day I am able to experience deeper and deeper energy sources within me while meditating and my whole life has become a celebration!

Dev Premanand – businessman, Bahrain

17Passion and Devotion, Portugal | new horizon

new horizon

Thanks you for the nourishing experience that opened me to a new space, perspective and horizon.

Madhuri – Romania

18Shakti's Power | vulnerability


Want to express my gratitude, trough you I have changed myself and my life completely. Before our meeting at my first group called “Shakti’s Power”, I generally didn’t feel the woman and was only pretending to be in touch with the female qualities.
Acctually it was the male part living in a female body and I thought that life should be lived this way and changes are impossible. Felt weak and defenseless and all I had learned was to be strong and sometimes to pretend to be vulnerable, but was not able to really feel the vulnerability. But it has changed! Now I start to feel the woman and only after that I started to feel the energy, the essence.

Premanjali – economist, Russia

19Shiva and Shakti, Greece | feeling alive

feeling alive

Was sitting every night by the water and talked to the sea, the sky and with the stars, with my mother and myself – not with words but from my heart. In the past for a very long time I felt myself like a robot in a world where everyone lives the way the environment wants it. At the same time I also knew that no power on earth is possible to kill the very nature of a person forever – this nature will always come up, no matter how deep it is suppressed. And that’s what happened…I knew what I was once…I could remember – I just could not return to myself…and then it has happened during the seminar. Do not know exactly when and how, but it happened.

Was a little afraid that my condition will change again once arriving back home. But the fear was in vain, I returned as another person. Life and the love for life has awakened. If you love life, it responds to this feeling and I feel so much energy, so much power! I have goals and dreams again, and I know that in any case I will go for them and I live and love my life! Not to try, but live it! It works again to smell of rain, listen to water, to have no fear – thank you.

Daya, Germany

20Shakti's Celebration | being a woman

being a woman

Something really beautiful happened after your Women’s Seminar: I was in a state of true happiness, my heart was singing, my lips were smiling, I felt easy and happy as I had not felt for a long time! It was just the consciousness that I am a woman, wonderful, unique, and in connection with myself and with my uniqueness, I feel it a blessing of being me and being happy. Thank you for letting me know and reminding me how that feels!

Ioana – therapist, London

21softly moving forward

softly moving forward

In my heart is gratefulness and its full of love. Thank you for the opportunity to be close to you and for your trust, support and love that you give to all of us. Strange things happen to my body recently: it’s as if someone invisible is gently touching my back and presses a little, and I feel as if pushed forward. But it is very soft…and this has been going on for over a week after the seminar.

Najakat – workshop organizer, St. Petersburg

22trust and fears

trust and fears

Went through fears and insecurity without running away and found a very innocent space inside, which felt sometimes so vulnerable that there were even short moments of panic, when I did not know how to protect it; but behind that opened a even deeper level of trust.

Amish, Taiwan

23Shiva and Shakti, Greece | feeling different

feeling different

We send you permanently our internal ‘thank you!’ for the wonderful time in Koroni…and the changes that happened, happen and will happen.
We did not become another person…but we see, hear and feel life, ourselves and other people in a different way. And that’s wonderful!

Tatsiana, Germany

24New Year: The Fire of Love | incredibly happy

incredibly happy

A few months have passed since New Year’s Seminar and our lives have been changed only for the better. We have rediscovered our relationship and the children are incredibly happy for no reason – and so are we.

Simona & Felix, Romania

25New Year: The Fire of Love | journey to the essence

journey to the essence

Still feel satisfied and rich and so grateful for the Tantric New Year and that there exists a space to open for inner expansion.
It feels so good to get deeply in contact with myself, my heart and even with my protected and closed parts. This depth allows me to recognise blockages and therefore they can begin to melt. Feel deeply touched by my own vulnerability, tenderness and femininity.

It’s a journey to the essence, every time is an opportunity to recognise blockages or patterns and I can leave them step by step behind, just through realising them with all my senses and especially with my heart.
It is liberating when the attention from the mind to the heart shifts step by step, and therefore my expectations and views at things are affecting me less and less. Looking into my heart while being deeply touched, allows to find previously hidden keys and unlocks my tight and barricaded castles. It gives me the courage and confidence to put the key in the lock and carefully turn it, to open what was sealed and sleeping in my deepest being.

How much can I allow to be touched by myself and other people, when love flows unconditionally and the heart in its openness receives the attention it deserves. The attentiveness and acceptance is precious and I wish to take this experience more and more into my everyday world – even so it makes me more vulnerable.

Uma – ayurvedic therapist, Germany



In your hugs I can find myself!

Victor, St. Petersburg

27New Year: The Fire of Love | attentiveness


I want to thank you and your team for the intense, enriching days of the new year seminar.
Your loving, warm being, your attentiveness and unquestionable presence have been very supportive.

Inge – administrator, Germany



Feel grateful for what I experienced and what has opened. There is more aliveness again and I can directly implement it in my life.

Diana – seminar leader, Germany

29New Year: The Fire of Love | strengthening


Really enjoyed these days and I feel greatly strengthened in my development. Many partner exercises were just wonderful, the dance on New Year’s Eve: a dream! …Found it very exciting to get in touch with all the people – it was a very beautiful and enriching time.

Ralph – culture scientist, Germany

30Journey to the Heart, India | language of love

language of love

Journey to the Heart was my first tantra seminar and I was able to take with me being in a flow and the language of love. Was a little bit worried about the fact I won’t be able to integrate into my ‘real’ life all that I have learnt and experienced during the seminar… however, coming back home, was so pleased to find out I could relate much easier with other people and vice-versa, my simple presence is more natural and relaxed, stopped thinking about what should or shouldn’t I do, stopped judging myself and others.
My acceptance level increased combined with higher self-awareness, I simply feel more what I need and feel easy to ask for it. I can experience now a much easier way of communicating with people in general and feel much more myself even at work, where I can handle difficult situations in a way to fit my inner voice rather than my rationale thinking and it feels sooooo good. I feel light like a feather and just let myself be. Also learnt that the flow exists and it’s working when not controlled and not interrupted, and these are the best and easiest moments I could experience.
Another deep feeling comes from the group, the time we had together, the sharing and sometimes mirroring with others, the language of love that I discovered and which is now helping me to open the doors further on.

Ana – economist, Bucharest

31Journey to the Heart, India | love. strength. confidence.

love. strength. confidence. 

love. strength. confidence. connectedness. peace, centeredness. courage to continue on the path of conscious living, to meditate, to be open to love.

Arun – consultant, Switzerland

32Journey to the Heart, India | the magic of an open heart

the magic of an open heart

I was curious to explore, to know the unknown, to see the unseen, to learn, to unlearn, to do, to undo, to dive deeper into the mysterious.
It was harsh, it was gentle, it was earthy, it was subtle, it was rigid, it was supple, it was solid, it was bubble, it was fragrant, it was mystical, it was magical!

Sandeep – musician, India

33lived reality

lived reality

I was reading many books about how to live a better life, but this was still all in the mind and it was not a lived reality – it didn’t change much.
In this kind of courses you can experience and live it.

T-Tschei, Taiwan

34joy and pain

joy and pain

Was able to see my loneliness and isolation in my normal daily life.
And I found that I don’t need to fight back against others. In the heart there is acceptance for both: joy and pain.

Owen – pilot, Taiwan

35our self and the higher

our self and the higher

I’ve learned to connect my Self to the Higher and stay with it when I’m with other people. So much clarity and silence came after the workshop! It moved me a step closer to unconditional love and full acceptance.

Spersa always knows what buttons to push to get max results for us. How to make the workshop informative and fun at the same time. She helps us to deal with the unknown with all the support we need.
Thank you! You never let me down.

Safalya, Israel