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Energy Balancing

Individual sessions are an opportunity to work one-to-one on a topic and release tensions in the body, emotions and mind.

Energy Balancing Sessions work with subtle energies on the physical, emotional and spiritual level. When your energy body is weakened, you are unable to live your full potential: you feel blocked or powerless.

This lack of energy can be balanced. This gives you strength and a new opening in your life.

I feel grateful for what I experienced and what has opened up. There is more aliveness again and I can implement it straight away in my life.
Feedback Diana

Life issues and subtle energy bodies

If the energy in one or more of our energy bodies is low, you will have difficulty expressing the associated qualities in your daily life. Out of helplessness you repeat the same old patterns over and over again without finding the strength or clarity for change.

This will be reflected in problems in your work situation, relationships, family, or a lack of depth in your meditation.

A variety of methods will support us to harmonize the body’s subtle energy flow, such as meditative chakra breathing, cleansing and awareness techniques, and chakra balancing. We also use energetic techniques to transform forgotten wounds that prevent you from living your authentic potential.

Being able to recognise what someone really needs, rather than using techniques, creates authentic liveliness in individual sessions.

Relaxation, balance and a new driving force

When your life issues are clarified, a transformation happens spontaneously.

As your life energy starts to flow in a natural way, you enter a state of balance where you are able to be in contact with yourself and others in a more open, alive and spontaneous way. A deep relaxation and inner expansion spreads in which you are naturally connected with an effortless driving force.

In this sessions, you can work on issues that are manifest in your actual life and find support for an easier and more fulfilling way of living and enjoying your life.

If you would like to book an individual session, please contact the organizer in your city or make an online booking here.