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On this guided journeys to powerful spiritual places in India, you will get to know the beauty of this country in a way that touches your innermost being.

They have the potential for a fundamental inner transformation and you can rediscover a new dimension of lightness and your love for life.

Travel relaxed in our tour group

In our tour group it is possible to travel safely. You can completely dedicate yourself to your inner experiences and spiritual exploration.

Let yourself be carried away in the flow of life, without any interference or pressure. In this natural letting go, you can experience a new dimension of lightness and joy. In honest encounters with yourself and others, you open yourself up to love, sensuality and inner silence.

I am endlessly grateful for your knowledge of the Indian culture and also for the way you have conducted the seminar: supportive, respectful, calm and heartfelt.
Feedback from Katherina

Combination of individual travel components

The following travel components can be individually combined with each other and are offered once a year in different compositions.

If needed, we help to select what suits you best from these programs.

All Upcoming Holiday Workshops in India

Holidays in Goa – beach, ocean, spiritual experiences and wonderful encounters with people.

Holiday workshop at a calm beach in Goa – sand, ocean, spiritual experiences and wonderful people.

Journey to the Heart

1-week recreational trip with 4-day holiday workshop: Journey to the Heart in Goa

This journey to India has an intense potential for growth as you learn to float in the river of life, instead of creating tensions by having expectations toward others or yourself.

Connect with a natural let-go that invites you to live your life from a meditative, relaxed attitude as fully and intensely as possible.

In a trusting atmosphere, you can indulge in love, the pulsation of sensual energy and inner silence, discovering the depth of your capability to love and your natural inner core.

Experience the lightness of being and allow it to come to life again.

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A unique place for meditation, relaxation, meeting people, celebration, creativity ... The OSHO International Meditation Resort.

A unique place for meditation, relaxation, meeting people, celebration, creativity… The OSHO International Meditation Resort.

OSHO International Meditation Resort

1-week meditation trip to Pune: Nowhere to Go But In 

Spend an intense and relaxing meditation holiday at the OSHO International Meditation Resort in Pune.

In this oasis, still and active OSHO meditations support you to go deeper and you can easily recharge your batteries with warmth, effortlessness, spontaneity, happiness, serenity and tranquility.

Choose from moment to moment what calls you to the journey into your inner world: Tai Chi and Yoga classes, dance meditation in Buddha Grove, courses and individual sessions such as Rebalancing massage, Evening Meeting with OSHO discourse, changing nightlife program like open-air disco or you relax in the sauna, in the jacuzzi and at the swimming pool.

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Ruhe und erholsame Entspannung in der natürlichen Umgebung eines tropischen Gartens in Amritara Aura nahe am Meer.

Tantric experiences and rejuvenating relaxation by the sea to regain inner balance.

Mahamudra: Tantric Lovers

9-day sensitive Tantra workshop with Tantric Meditation practises in Goa

In this sensitive Tantra seminar you can easily connect with your true nature and inner peace.

Filled with the rhythm of the sound of the sea, the atmosphere of the Nalanda Wellness-Center supports you to reconnect to your inner balance. The rooms correspond to the colorful spirit of India. It appeals to the senses and invites you to take a break from everyday life.

In this natural environment, you can use your sexual energy and unconditional love to easily enter a state of meditation and connect with your buddha-nature. 

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Ayurvedic treatments are a deep cleansing process for body and mind. The area is picturesque and the resort is awarded as one of the best.

Ayurvedic treatments are deep cleansing processes for body and mind. The area is picturesque and the resort has won an award as one of the best.

Ayurveda Manaltheeram

2-weeks Ayurveda vacations for body and soul in Kerala

At the Manaltheeram Beach Resort, close to one of the most beautiful beaches in Kerala, you can relax through Ayurvedic treatments and doing nothing on sunbeds under the shade of palm trees by the swimming pool or the sea.

It is a special experience to start the day in the morning with gentle yoga exercises and quiet meditation in the garden, while enjoying the magnificent sea views and exotic birdsong.

Through Ayurveda treatments, a new body consciousness and inner balance develops and one feels newly born.

We often eat together and at some time you can do a backwater tour or visit a temple in the company of the group.

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