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The holiday workshop Passion and Devotion takes place in the Seminar house Bodhi Bhavan in Portugal.

Surrounded by fruit trees with birdsong and the sound of the wind, the beautiful meditation room is set in unspoiled nature with a fantastic view to the valley and seaview. In the garden is a refreshing swimming pool with sun-beds in the shade of the trees.

It’s a place were we are undisturbed. It is therefore ideal for this special experience of Sacred Sexuality in which you come in contact with your love, the spiritual dimension of your sexual energy and the silence of meditation.

This seminar has changed my life completely, I have no words to express my feelings and gratitude. Tantra has given me a new life and vision and I am able to experience deeper energy sources within me!
Feedback from Dev

The protected and non-intrusive atmosphere allows a deep let-go. As you relax, you reconnect with the free and playful flow of your sensuality.

Upcoming Holiday Workshops in Portugal

Tantra holidays: Passion and Devotion

Loving touch and conscious breathing supports you to perceive your sensual life energy.

Loving touch and conscious breathing supports you to perceive your sensual life energy.

8-day sensual workshop for tantra-experienced singles and couples in Portugal

Being well-connected with your body is the foundation for a direct sensual experience that arises from a spontaneous impulse out of the present moment.

In our daily encounters, you are often determined by your expectations and restrictive ideas and it limits your possibilities to freely follow your intuitive and essential needs.

Loving touch and conscious breathing will support you to access deeper layers within yourself. You learn to become aware of the flow of your sensual life energy.

In an atmosphere of acceptance, free of judgments, expectations and pressure, you can explore the sensibility of your body and open yourself to the world of sensuality.

You start to feel and live more intensely!

Singles are welcome, and couples who would like to integrate the experience of Sacred Sexuality into their relationship. For this you need the willingness to get closer to others or your partner and to be open for sensual touches.

The seminar house Bodhi Bhavan is located in the middle of typical Algarve nature in Portugal.

Before I understood how to open myself to you, I tried to give you orgasms to confirm that I’m a good lover. But now I only wish your dedication. I want your heart’s content to make your open body shiver and soak my life with your love.
David Deida

In the Photo Gallery you get an impression through pictures of past workshops.