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10 frequent asked questions

1Does sex happen in Tantra workshops?

Does sex happen in Tantra workshops?

Tantra workshops are not serving the interest of people who are only looking for a sexual adventure without wanting to get involved. It takes the willingness to go deeper and to precisely distinguish the different levels of connecting with a partner:

Sexuality: the lowest level is based on sexuality which exploits the other person in order to have our own needs fulfilled.
Sensuality and Love: the next step will be to look at your partner from the same level of vision and to find authentic true love that will allow you to grow deeper into your trust, so that you dare to let go in your sensitive-sensual play and allow yourself to open for the other person.
Sexuality, Love and Consciousness: the last step is to give yourself the freedom to expand beyond the usual limitations as you love and trust your partner. Tantra then becomes a way to open each moment new for the unknown. The highest consciousness between two partners arising from the connection of sexuality, love and meditation brings you in touch with a level of your Being beyond the personal space and gives you an experience of something higher.

In the workshops we use the sexual energy between man and woman in deep, easy and playful exercises, but there are no direct sexual interactions in the seminars.

2How to choose the right workshop?

How to choose the right workshop?

In order to make everyone feel safe and protected, there are different categories of seminars that are ideally building up on each other:

  1. Workshops about Heart are the foundation to open our heart and bring understanding to how we are conditioned to love and to be loved and in which way this creates dependencies in relationships. It’s the key for transformation from the lower to the higher and brings grace into your live.
  2. Workshops on Sensuality support you to open up for a deeper connection with yourself. We start to respect our own and others’ boundaries and understand how to use the polarity of female and male energies as an inspiration to get in touch with our own inner truth.
  3. Tantra workshops allow you to reconnect with a free and playful flow of your energy to explore your heart as a bridge to harmony and your sensuality as a deep devotion. In a space free from expectation and pressure the connection between heart and sexuality opens you to float in harmony with yourself and a partner and will reconnect you with your innermost being.

Singles and couples who are interested in creating a deepening trust and intimacy with a partner and like to grow in relationships are welcome in these workshops.

3What kind of techniques are used in the workshops?

What kind of techniques are used in the workshops?

It depends on the workshop and in case of doubt you can send us a short message to clarify if the workshop you have chosen meets your needs.

Workshops about Heart: the foundation is guided relaxation exercises to connect more deeply with the heart. In heart-to-heart connections we experience being deeply touched. We learn to trust and open while sending and receiving loving, sensitive touches from the heart.
Centering awareness techniques allow us to differentiate between emotions and feelings and we learn to stay open-hearted when things get difficult.
By practicing being present in the heart, we recognize when the mind comes in and tries to convince us to step back into old patterns instead of perceiving the spontaneity of this moment and living in the present.

Heart meditations, awareness exercises using our senses and other active meditation techniques help to connect with the silence in our hearts and we learn to integrate it into our everyday lives.

Workshops on Sensuality: use hands-on exercises to become more aware of the issues between man and woman and bring clarity to our love affairs. We shine light on our unconscious strategies in relationships, learn to recognize our victim-perpetrator projections in relationships and to set healthy boundaries. We understand how to be authentic in our love relationship and at the same time feel free, and notice where we go into our entanglement patterns to avoid the fear of feeling abandoned.

In authentic playful exercises you learn to be present in encounters and to let go of control and to invite surrender. In some of the exercises, you will be supported by several people at the same time, because each one can give something that enriches you.

Tantra workshops: use exercises building up on each other to connect you more deeply to your true feelings and your sexuality. This can be with your partner or you explore with changing partners to bring more self-confidence and enrichment into the relationships between man and woman.
Intense techniques cleanse the space between man and woman and we appreciate the male and female parts in ourselves and in the other. A deepening connection to our sexuality, heart and consciousness is created through various tantric breathing exercises, where you learn to perceive energy, to contain it and to allow the free flow between you and your partner. We look into our adopted beliefs about sexuality, expectations, shame or performance pressures to be able to use our sexuality as a life energy that connects us deeply with ourselves through the connection with the other person.

We use tantric meditation, chakra work, tantric breathing, dancing, sensual touch and tantric massages, wonderful tantric rituals and extensive tantric celebrations.

It is usually good to follow your intuition and the “inner call” that awakens your interest in a particular workshop and to trust it.

4Is it better to participate alone or with my partner?

Is it better to participate alone or with my partner?

All those who are interested in deepening the trust and intimacy with a partner and would like to grow in their relationships, can be inspired in these workshops – alone or with a partner.
The proportion of singles and couples is usually well mixed and depends on the enrolment for each workshop.

When you come together with your partner, it is an ideal way to go deeper with the issue of love and awareness in your relationship, bringing more relaxation and harmony into it. Thereby you can decide together from moment to moment, whether you want to do the exercises together or you need more space to expand your experience in certain exercises through the help of another partner. It is a living process that always brings to light, what is important for your understanding and growth.

If necessary, our team will guide you in making the right decision.
In case it’s important for your process – and fine for both of you – it is possible to do all the exercises with your partner and go deeper and deeper in your explorations.

If you feel too restricted or inhibited by the presence of your partner, it may make sense to attend the first workshop alone. Then you can decide together how you want to go further on the path.

5How to deal with jealousy?

How to deal with jealousy?

In workshops about sensuality we experience love and freedom in relationships as something that are not separate from each other. By learning to recognize and respect our own and other people’s healthy boundaries and understanding how to distinguish them from conditioned limitations, you can give yourself and your partner more space.

In tantra workshops singles and couples are welcome who are open to sensual physical closeness, and couples decide themselves whether they want to do an exercise alone or with their partner. This can change during a workshop and depends on what you really need.

If a relationship is still very fresh, it may be useful to strengthen the relationship by doing the main exercises together, using the safe guided space to allow deeper affectionate feelings. If you’ve been together for a long time and want to enliven your relationship, occasionally engaging in a stimulating encounter with someone else can be an enrichment – if you know how to honestly bring your experiences back into your own relationship instead of creating comparisons.

Jealousy is always a claim of possession due to a lack of self-esteem.
We try to control others because we don’t want to feel our fear of abandonment, and as we do not allow ourselves to live our full potential, we try to keep others down.
Love is always a gift that cannot be demanded or owned, otherwise it becomes a bird in a golden cage that no longer flies. As you learn to distinguish emotions and feelings, you realize that love and freedom are the two wings needed to fly.

If jealousy is a very emotionally charged subject for a couple, its recommended they attend one of the heart workshops first, either individually or as a couple.

6What is the difference in international workshops?

What is the difference in international workshops?

Each country has its specific conditionings, depending on the culture, religion and society. At a certain point in our life we start to believe what they teach us and we think this is what we are and we forget our own true nature. In the art of love-Tantra it is essential to connect to a deep space, where you feel like being at home inside and you can truly be yourself. We learn to connect from this space with others and experience a more mature dimension of love in relating through connecting heart, sensuality and meditation.

“Until now I would not have admitted that I lived a shallow life, which was following the conditionings and expectations of society and ruled by outer beauty. Now I can see when I am in the mind and that it means to be just like a robot. When following my heart the whole space is expanding and it feels so much more alive. Now I know what it means to be in touch with my inner beauty.“
Amita, Taiwan

I appreciate the atmosphere of international workshops, as people enrich each other through their differences in unimaginable ways and it gives each participant a better understanding about their own conditioning – the useful as well as the hindering one – and thus we more easily connect to a space of unconditioned Being.

7What is the uniqueness in art of love-workshops?

What is the uniqueness in art of love-workshops?

art of love-workshops are based on a respectful approach that deepens the presence of your heart from where you can expand and allow the sensual energy to unfold. 
This creates integrated experiences that will make you stronger and more real.

In the workshops that I was facilitating in the Osho International Meditation Resort for many years, a whole new approach of working with people was crystallizing.
The traditional therapists work on the psychological level. They want to change the personality and make a better person out of you.
In Osho´s vision everything is there already and can be found inside, it only needs your awareness and remembrance of the path towards the center of your Being. From there joy, lightness, spontaneity and unconditional love will arise and give you a taste of your buddha nature.

Its a joy to share Osho’s tantric vision with people. The greatest pleasure is to pass on what was given to me and to create a space of warmth, comfort, easiness, laughter, kindness, happiness, and silence and a taste of what I found in Osho’s presence.

In all these years since 1997, when I stared guiding many thousands of people in their personal growth and offering worldwide seminars for love, sensuality and Tantra, in almost every course I watch people profoundly changing. It’s touching to see them unfolding and finding the courage to change and to discover the freedom for living a fulfilled life. These are moments which make me feel grateful!

8What is true intimacy?

What is true intimacy?

The workshops create a safe space and a precious time which gives you a break from this modern world, where we often forget how to be intimate as we aim for success, money and prestige and assume we will have a better life once we achieve our goal. Like this we are always in the future.

Intimacy is a beautiful space and happens when you step out of the mind and come into the heart. First a closeness with yourself will happen and from this space of openness you will find it natural to reach out and share intimacy with others. Like this relating becomes simple.

If we are really present in this moment, we get in touch with the forgotten mystery of life.

Lets share it and connect to the beauty of life!

9Why do we protect our heart?

Why do we protect our heart?

Often we protect our hearts out of the fear of being hurt. But do you really want to stay alone and miss all this beautiful moments in life, only because you don’t want to risk feeling pain? If your heart is closed, you will also feel a certain kind of pain. What hurts is the unfulfilled longing for love.

We can’t change this world and even when we know how to be in the heart, it can happen that others are not so sensitive and there is always a chance of getting hurt. The question is how we deal with pain? 

Our heart has its own wisdom and if you are aware that somebody will hurt you, you have a choice to take care about yourself. If it comes very unexpected and you cannot do anything about it, then you have only the choice to either close your heart or to stay open and receive the pain. And if you really feel the pain without fighting or avoiding it, you will be surprised: it will be transformed that very moment. There is no need for drama in your life when you are willing to accept the pain without creating a story around it.

Just allow yourself to feel whatever is there in that very moment.

10What does emptiness of the heart mean?

What does emptiness of the heart mean?

art of love is the essence of what we experience in the workshops and in life. The emptiness of the heart knows how to receive without holding anything back. It stays pure like a mirror, simply reflecting, as you are connected with the inner watcher who observes without judging. In our Heart-Chakra we leave the duality behind, which is coming from preferences.

When you know how to be in the heart, you reconnect to an essence which carries you through life and also through its challenges.

When a relationship is finished for example and you experienced before that love is something which belongs to you and not to somebody else, there is a possibility to stay in the heart and in a peacefulness when coming back home to yourself again and again, even when emotions are there.

And a time will come, when love knocks on your door again. When you are ready and present in this very moment, you simply open the door and invite the other person in. If in your memory the old story is still present, it will prevent you from being fully open.

The heart knows the way how to live lightly! 
When the heart rises in loving acceptance, 
it expands into peaceful consciousness.