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Relationship Dynamics

Individual sessions are an opportunity to work one-to-one on a topic and release tensions in the body, emotions and mind.

Relationship Dynamics Sessions take an in-depth look at the main dynamics that create relationships. We will look at healthy dynamics that allow love to succeed and flower and those dynamics that create tension and conflict.

Individual sessions help you to release tensions
that hinder the free expression of your life energy.


We will also look at the issues concerning sexuality, femininity and masculinity and how to be intimate and at the same time autonomous.

Avoidance prevents us living our essential potential

Tensions are often related to difficulties in past situations or times in your childhood when you missed something or you were unable to do or get what you would have needed to develop your potential. As a result, you started to protect yourself from feeling the pain and this prevented you from freely expressing your life energy.

One of the keys for transformation is to accept and allow these difficulties from the past to come closer to home. We can untangle ourselves from past situations and emotions to regain more energy.

Clarity allows the free flow of our life energy

It gives you the opportunity to crystallize and dissolve personal situations around life issues in relationships. We will recognise and work with projection, resistance, desire and recognise attitudes, dreams, and attachments that hinder your further growth.

A deeper understanding of the dynamics of love relationships gives you new opportunities to develop principles for healthy relating.

By working with your male and female strength and the polarity of your Inner Man and Inner Woman, we recognise how these two sides relate to each other and become aware if there is resistance,  fear or a subtle power struggle going on. By finding a better balance between them, more clarity and inner strength can come into your life.

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