23. July 2018

Love is Life – Training

It is a love and relationship training for all the essential topics of love, relationships and sexuality. This training supports you to work with people and guide them in their processes. Learn to guide participants into an attentive space for themselves and others to invite fulfilling relationships into their lives.
22. November 2017

The Mystical Union – Exploration of the Inner Man and Woman

This workshop offers significant and amazing experiences about what it means to fully accept one’s own masculinity and femininity. You look at how your masculine and feminine parts relate to each other. Only when you acknowledge both sides, can a sense of inner oneness arise.
22. November 2017

Holiday workshop: Shiva and Shakti

This tantric journey gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating interplay of Shiva and Shakti. It can be a powerful experience that awakens joy and liveliness when feminine and masculine energies consciously meet. This enables a deep connection with yourself and others. Learn to meet others from your true being.