27. July 2020

Love, Sensuality and your Buddha-nature

By consciously bringing a meditative attitude into your sensuality, you to find a new awareness as a man or as a woman. You enter into meditative spaces through sensual experiences in which you connect with your whole being. This will gradually change the love relationship with your partner and other people and take you to a new depth. 
27. February 2020

Ayurveda in Manaltheeram Beach Resort

Relax through Ayurvedic treatments at one of the most beautiful beaches in Kerala. Enjoy doing nothing on sun beds under the shade of palm trees by the swimming pool or the sea. Through Ayurveda treatments, a new body consciousness and inner balance develops and you feel like new.
8. February 2020

Mahamudra: Love of the Buddhas | India

This holiday workshop differs from other Tantric workshops in that it incorporates Tantric meditation practices. When love meets meditation, then Tantric transformation can happen. Mahamudra is the orgasmic union with the universe: an orgasmic feeling for the whole. You open yourself up to the divine lover within you.
24. November 2019

OSHO International Meditation Resort

It is a unique place for meditation that will support you in your inner transformation. In this oasis for meditation, still and active OSHO-Meditations support you to go deeper and you can easily recharge your batteries with warmth, effortlessness, spontaneity, happiness, serenity and tranquility. Choose from moment to moment what calls you to the journey into your inner world.