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Tantric holiday: Passion and Devotion

Seminar house Bodhi Bhavan Poio de Medronhal, Monchique, Algarve

In an atmosphere of acceptance, free of judgments, expectations and pressure, you can explore the sensibility of your body and open yourself to the world of Sacred Sexuality. Unintentional touching invites you to open yourself to your receptivity and to merge with the timeless space of your innermost being.


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Couples workshop: Love and Freedom

Yoga studio Fabrik Sonntag Fabrik Sonntag, House 3, Waldkirch

Open yourself to relationships in which love and freedom strengthen each other.

When you stay aware in moments of difficulty, you don't need to go into avoidance that keeps you from allowing physical and emotional closeness.
You discover how you can be close to someone and free at the same time.


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Tantric-shamanic Spirit: Sun and Moon

Tierra Cosmica, Spain Diseminado Diseminados, Monda, Málaga

We invite you to a heart-opening tantra workshop with shamanic elements that support you in becoming receptive to the finer perceptions of your senses.
By connecting more deeply with your sensitive perception, you will begin to open up to the magic between yourself and others or your partner and feel your real longing.


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The Secret of Ecstasy

Seminar house Abraxas Engelscheuer Mauenheimer Str. 25, Immendingen, Baden-Württemberg

Giving and receiving of sensual pleasure can transform sexual energy into an ecstatic experience. Are you longing for deep satisfaction in sensual ecstasy and a space of trust where you can let go beyond the usual boundaries? Explore the free flow of your sensuality through riding the tantric wave and learn how to fully enjoy.


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Tantric New Year: The Fire of Love

Seminar House Landhaus-Sonnenberg Ernsbacher Weg 8, Erbach im Odenwald

We invite you to experience the New Year as a sensual journey to your inner truth, where you can feel the fire of your sexual liveliness, connect to the love in your heart and celebrate yourself in a new presence as a woman or a man. Symbolically we'll unite male and female energies in a beautiful Tantric Ritual, welcoming the new year.


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Holiday workshop: Tantric Love

Wellness-Center Nalanda, Goa Nalanda Wellness-Center, Mandrem, Goa

Tantric transformation can happen when sexual energy meets your love and meditation. This deepens mindfulness in your love relationships. It is a merging with the source of being and the orgasmic union with everything and opens you to the divine lover within you. We also weave elements such as visiting the Friday Night Market, Ecstatic Dance and concerts into the evening programs.


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The Alchemy of Tantra

Seminar house Abraxas Engelscheuer Mauenheimer Str. 25, Immendingen, Baden-Württemberg

Tantra is a way to let your sensuality and love grow into even higher states of consciousness, to enter a state of silent bliss. When you connect with the essence of the other person and you perceive and acknowledge the ultimate being of your partner, you realise your own true nature. Sensuality and unconditional love become a gateway to connect with the divine.


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The Blossoming of tantric Sensuality

Seminar House Landhaus-Sonnenberg Ernsbacher Weg 8, Erbach im Odenwald

Tantra workshop for singles and especially suitable for couples to refine your body awareness and discover the magic of your sensuality.
Sensuality awakens in a loving space of trust, in which you are recognised and respected with your sensitivity, limitations and longings.


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Holiday workshop: Shiva and Shakti

The Other Paradise, Koroni Zaga Beach, Messenias, Peloponnes

This tantric journey gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in the fascinating interplay of Shiva and Shakti. It can be a powerful experience that awakens joy and liveliness when feminine and masculine energies consciously meet. This enables a deep connection with yourself and others. Learn to meet others from your true being.


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